News – June 2010

Dundrifted Silver is a wonderful addition to our household. He travelled with our daughter to Arizona this winter and was in a dressage barn there. He trailers like a dream. He’s now back with her in Montana where her job finds her in the Condon area just outside of the Bob so I’m sure he’ll be doing some trail riding. She was waiting for him to be 4, with good foundation, before starting to jump him which will be this fall. I don’t know how much jumping he’ll do vs. dressage but probably a combo. She’ll be working with her trainer in Missoula for most of next year and so we’ll know much more in the spring. If she does any novice shows on him I’m sure we’ll get a video and would love to share it with you.

He remains sound in body and mind. I think he’s going to end up 16’1 or 16’2 still seems to be growing. He’s just a wonderful animal. His barn name is Tristan a reference to a character in “Legends of the Fall” if you know the film you’ll get how she named him.

This may be far from the roping prospect you intended for him but he’s dearly loved, worked, and cared for. So far he seems happy. Thank you for the inquiry, Lotte

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News – Dec 2008

Dundrifted Silver-smallOur daughter has ridden almost since she could walk, never remembers when she hasn’t ridden. She has had classical training in both dressage and hunter/jumper with the past years finding her in a western rig trail riding when her schedule allowed. Her plans, after her graduation, will be for a summer elk hazing project on horseback up near the eastern border of Banff. She’s planning to bring the horse but not use him for the hazing which is apparently above and beyond the usual herding activity. It seems elk do not take to moving off in any orderly fashion. It sounds more like a cross country fox hunt (replacing the foxes with fleeing elk) and given he’ll only be three, she’ll keep the pounding to a minimum and just work on his trail experience.

At present she’s working with a trainer on the “basics” which is classical dressage and very similar to any “natural horsemanship” method out there. She does hope to jump him a bit in a couple years then his bones are stronger, he’s sure built for it. I thought I might include a picture of the happy couple.

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